About Dave


About Dave

Dave’s shorter but often equally inane thoughts can be found on twitter as @hullodave.

Dave has degrees in applied psychology, medicine and surgery, and education.

He’ll do stand-up comedy (especially if it’s about science) if you ask him and is happy to write on this subject as evidenced by this blog. See “evidenced.” That proves it. Often literally.

Dave writes and performs about medicine, psychology, science in general, mental health and comedy. He previously cobbled together the Dr Alan Placebology Video Podcast. (www.dralanplacebology.blogspot.co.uk) and has written guest posts for The Guardian Science Blogs (http://www.guardian.co.uk/profile/david-steele) and for Time to Change (http://www.time-to-change.org.uk/). He has also written reviews of evidence in mental health research for The Mental Elf. (http://www.thementalelf.net/author/david-steele/)

Dave currently hosts the Star Trek podcast – Will Riker’s Sex Beard (https://willrikerssexbeard.buzzsprout.com/).

That’s enough about that. Time for the standard hot caffeinated beverage that appears in “About…” introductions.

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